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Kamara Capital will serve as the financial services arm for Kamara’s business verticals. This office will perform offerings of financial instruments such as token offerings/management, SPAC and credit facility management, to support Kamara in becoming a leading entertainment conglomerate for the 21st century. In doing so, Kamara Capital will at all times obtain the required regulatory licences, through partnerships in the financial sector as well as Blockchain industry in designated regions (US, EU, CH, SG / Asia). Following the Kamara Coin offerings, Kamara Capital works on the specific missions for issuance of Kamara Card and Kamara Wallets, in support of this growing eco-system.



In connection with Kamara’s accelerated and modular expansions plans, we are dedicated to deliver attractive value creation for our investors in every phase towards Kamara becoming a global entertainment conglomerate for the 21st century.  Planned offerings to public markets will be structured as token offerings and for certain target acquisitors of assets, we may offer limited subscriptions into SPAC, when combined assets are planned to be merged into publicly traded companies on leading stock exchange.  

Book building opens soon 0
Book building opens soon 0


Professional investors interested to participate pre-announcement of target acquisitions, are encouraged to contact members of the Kamara Capital team --
Alberto Cejudo

Head of Investments, Kamara Capital

Kamara Studios - Alicante

Kamara Coin


Kamara presents a first-of-its-kind NFT project. In 2022, Kamara began production on EL PASO VERSE where a series of motion pictures are distributed exclusively in a new format to be known as — NFT Motion.

It provides filmmakers creative freedom to produce chapters and segments which are deemed explosive, controversial, atmospheric or simply iconic within the IP, thereby offering NFT collectors the experience of extraordinary artistry and production quality through limited supply editions. NFT Motion will be a cinematic experience to rival long-form cinema, and its viewing will be the most exclusive screenings in the history of motion picture.