• The first Major to be based in Europe
  • Putting the power back in the hands of the artists
  • Fully self-contained production and distribution ecosystem
  • Profit participation for creators and consumers

Our Innovation

Kamara's mission as a conglomerate for the 21st century; to own and operate a Major Studio and entertainment destination (physically and virtually), at its core, fuelling implementation of its own crypto currency while allowing the industry, talent and consumers alike to participate in a shared economic model -- driving it to become the leading digital currency and participation model for entertainment globally.

U.S. Film Industry

  • $99.7 billion global entertainment revenue (2021)
  • A growth of 24% over 2020
  • U.S. Lead with $36.8 billion
  • Concentrated market
  • Relationship driven industry
  • Transparent competitive market
  • Industry is highly resilient and counter-cyclical to economic downturn
  • Content demand due to global mega-trend of home entertainment
  • Abundance of established and new revenue drivers e.g. streaming and NFT space
  • Historically active M&A Market

Current Opportunity

Disputed Status QUO

By the new digital distributors/content providers, most notably Netflix and Amazon, who in recent years moved agressively into original content production.

Monopolized Market

The market is currently heavy monopolized by five US based media-conglomerates “The Majors”, requiring significant capital to compete with them.


We acknowledge digital distributors capitalizing on huge content demands in 2020 - 22 but see attractive opportunity for delivering consumer offerings with innovation from strategic planning, creative thinking, and self-funding.

Innovation from Europe

  • First Major to be based outside of Los Angeles
  • Strategic HQ in Spain, 2nd most visited country globally
  • Set to invite artists, filmmakers, talent and innovators from around the world
  • Operated with strategic experience from U.S. market to combine the best of both worlds
  • Parent company based in Zug, Switzerland — operating on the cutting edge of digital innovation

Backed By Kamara's Core Business

A diversified studio operation reliant on its own productions, while offering available studio capacity to 3rd parties and independent productions.

The production arm of Kamara will produce NFT Motion, theatrical motion pictures, streaming content and digital entertainment. It will develop and produce episodic TV and large-scale productions in most major movie genres.

Production Fund

Kamara plans to provide production funds to produce 48 motion pictures and 43 episodic shows, over the first five years, with a range € 10-50.0 million in costs per production and an aggregate production expense of € 1.8 billion.

Crypto Eco-System

Kamara will be the first Major to operate with crypto currency innovation at its core. Future offerings by Kamara Capital, will enable global investors, along with all other stakeholders (including talent), a transparent, actual and even participation in Kamara's value creation


Kamara plans to manage the sales, marketing and theatrical distribution of its motion pictures providing a wide release (up 4,000 screens) in the U.S. alongside international distribution.

Digital Platform

Kamara is investing into development and launch of its own Digital Distribution platform providing original content in order to compete alongside Netflix, Apple and Amazon using a price competitive tier-based rewards model.

Prints & Ads

Kamara plans to launch a print and advertising fund to support the marketing of each of Kamara’s pictures and to make profitable P&A and other short-term loans to independent film productions

Meet Our Team

Senior Executives

James Cardwell

Founding Officer, Corporate

Ryan Wiik
Ryan Wiik

Chairman & President

Nick Cassavetes

Founding Officer, Film and TV Content

Kamara Studios

Kamara City


Kamara presents a first-of-its-kind NFT project. In Q2, 2022, Kamara began production on EL PASO VERSE where a series of motion pictures are distributed exclusively in a new format to be known as — NFT Motion.

It provides filmmakers creative freedom to produce chapters and segments which are deemed explosive, controversial, atmospheric or simply iconic within the IP, thereby offering NFT collectors the experience of extraordinary artistry and production quality through limited supply editions. NFT Motion will be a cinematic experience to rival long-form cinema, and its viewing will be the most exclusive screenings in the history of motion picture.